‘The Arts’ Are Not A Service Industry

27/09/12 Here are a series of typos and grammatical errors I put together the other day… Art is made and enjoyed in the service of many things. This is not a contradiction of the title. A defining characteristic of all artistic practice is that it necessitates decision-making  (the decision to place a decision out of […]

Apending Silliness

23/02/12 A couple of weeks ago I wrote a thing about irony (that was’t very {or at least I didn’t believe in it} good). I had set myself the difficult challenge of sincerely writing about the need for sincerity with a good degree of self awareness, in a highly self aware manner. I don’t think […]

What’s Ironic About That? Or why I don’t know what to think is exactly how to start to think. Or the most earnest discussion of earnestness with a twist.

08/02/12 About a year and a half or two ago, back when I thought the only real debate to be had in our time was over religion, I came across a video on that YouTube. In the video the writer and fatwa holder Salmon Rushdie was talking with the journalist and antitheist Christopher Hitchens. Which […]

A quick note on the death of TV

02/02/12 I sat slumped on the couch in my parents house watching TV, the very medium my masters’ supervisor had told me was essentially dead. It was 1am on a surprisingly early February Thursday. ‘TV is dead’, I thought as I flipped between channels. Two things stood out both adverts, TV’s main purpose. First an ad for […]