I am an editor with experience working with writers throughout the entire process from the inception of a piece to its final publication. I have worked with writers to flesh out initial ideas into the structure of full, coherent pieces of writing by providing constructive feedback to help them refine their ideas throughout the process. I have worked as a language editor for non-native English writers to help them fix up the kind of idiomatic and prepositional errors that can obscure the content of their work. At the technical level, I have also worked as a copy-editor and proofreader. A selection of my resume can be found here.

I am available for:

    • Editorial consultation (150 DKK/ €20 per hour).
    • Editorial feedback (150 DKK/ €20 per 1000 words).
    • Language editing (220 DKK/ €30 per 1000 words).
    • Copy editing (200DKK/ €26 per 1000 words).
    • Proofreading (180 DKK/ €24 per 1000 words).
    • Academic editing (150 DKK/ €20 per 1000 words).
    • Combined technical editing (300 DKK/ €40 per 1000 words).
    • Project-based editorial assistance (Rates are subject to agreement. Please contact maconholt@gmail.com for a quote).

Please send any inquires to maconholt@gmail.com.