“The Entertainment” in The Bloomsbury Handbook of The Anthropology of Sound, Holger Schulze ed. From Bloomsbury Academic. (03/09/2020)





104058024_10157245146235965_6381877461110719900_o“Hyperstitional Theory-Fiction: An all too brief introduction” in Full Stop Quaterly: Genre Expectations. June 2020





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“Sonisk Krigsførelse” – En introduction til Steve Goodmans vibrationelle ontologi from Passive/Aggresive



“The Sonic Fiction of Sound Art: A Background to the Theory-Fiction of Sound” in The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art, Sanne Krogh Groth & Holger Schulze eds. From Bloomsbury Academic

Pop Music and Hip Ennui cover design


Pop Music and Hip Ennui: A Sonic Fiction of Capitalist Realism, published by Bloomsbury Academic. More details here

“Scenic Capitalism, Nostalgia Machines and Interpretive Communities” and “Record labels in the age of the platform: An interview with Anyines” in Passive/Aggressive Zine #8 Scenic Capitalism.





Mark Fisher –Or how K-Punk intensifies the political possibilities of music for Passive/Aggressive. Available from Passive/Aggressive.




“The Libidinal Economy of Inherent Vice” in Ark 200. Available from ark books, Copenhagen.





Various interview in Blacklisted Copenhagen  Issue 1.  Available from Blacklisted  Copenhagen.





“Reading The Readers Of Sasha Grey Reading Slavoj Žižek”  in Ark 100. Available from ark books, Copenhagen.